First 100 days – the measure of a president

Samuel Sutton

Sam Sutton
Graphic by Dewey Cooper.
Graphic by Dewey Cooper.

I have come to a conclusion that the first 100 days are what dictates a president. If a president doesn’t do anything really noteworthy and productive within those days, then they’re a “bad president.” And each of the current Republican candidates would bring their own views to the first 100 days.

Donald Trump: Now I know all of the hate that goes towards this candidate (even though he is leading the polls), but he may not be too bad. He would make some great negotiations with allies and other foreign countries. Since he’s a businessman, he may develop a way to decrease the national debt.

Ted Cruz: Teddy could do well with health care and education. He wants to repeal Obamacare and put in a “commonsense reform” to help make it more affordable and personal. This makes me happy. Obamacare hurt my mom. She couldn’t see a doctor until the first of the year and she was super sick.

Marco Rubio: Rubio isn’t going to do anything. He is too young. He always repeats himself (as seen in the last debate), which shows he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and all he does during the debates is bash Trump, Obama, and Hillary. I want a president who is strong, prepared, and experienced. Marco Rubio is not that candidate. Maybe he’ll get taken as a vice president, but he is not yet ready to be president.

I would also like to say that the other candidates would do different things. Candidates like John Kasich and Chris Christie have some pretty good views, and would probably be able to do something to help better the economy, and help with the fight against ISIS.

A lot of people get the Republican party confused with “ignorance,” “stupidity,” or “closed minded.” It is not that at all. It is just a more conservative point of view. Here is a bullet point list about what it means to be a Republican.

View on gay marriage: There are some conservatives who think this is a “bad thing.” This belief could be because of their religion, the way they were raised, or who they associate themselves with. While there are those kinds of people, there are also people who think that it is okay. I’m not one of those people. While gay marriage is against my religion, it is also a freedom. America is the land of the free so if people want to marry the same gender, then just let them and don’t judge.

Economy: The Republican belief is primarily capitalism, which means they want the country’s trade and industry to be run by private business owners for profit. This could help us get better goods, products, and more money to help pay off the national debt. Now if this is run well, then it’ll be fine. It can hurt our country if people run it without morals.

Education: The Republican views for education are just to make it more affordable. The national student loan debt is now higher than national credit card debt. We want the student loan debt to go down by providing families with more information they need to make smarter choices for their child’s future in education. We try to provide people with completion rates, repayment rates, and other useful information. We don’t want to make it free, but we want to help people make smart, affordable decisions before hurting themselves.

While these candidates have good ideas, they are not my favorite candidate. The candidate I’m voting for is John Kasich. He wants to cut taxes and restrain government, which are two things that I would want. He would do a lot in his first hundred days with those two things, as well as fighting the war against ISIS.

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Samuel Sutton is a sophomore studying mass communication.