Lip Sync Battle commences Nov. 13

Jason Miller

Take a hairbrush in the mirror with some sing-in-the-shower-style serenade skills to the big stage at the first Lip Sync Battle competition Nov. 13.

“We got the idea from the Lip Sync Battle TV show that aired this summer, and the programming board thought it would be a great idea to bring it to MSU,” said Erin Hagy, late night and weekend programming chair.

The competition will consist of a NCAA tournament style bracket of students who will perform a lip sync routine of their choosing in front of judges and the students in the crowd who will decide the winner.

“This is the first time it’s being done built from the ground up. Instead of head to head we wanted the contestants to have to appeal to their peers instead of to a judge to try and push a friendly environment. We’ll have a stage and sound system set up in Comanche. We also want the audience to get involved and rush the stage almost mosh pit style,” Hagy said.

Since this event is meant to be more of a friendly competition than a serious one there will be three winners. The first place prize will be a $300 credit to the book store. The second place prize will be $200 and third place will receive $100.

“My ideal turnout for this event is anywhere from 100 to 250 people to attend. It is free for students to attend and participate, and there will be free food available to those who attend. This is just a great way to try something new and fun, and a good way to bring out anyone that doesn’t have anything to do on a Friday night,” said Hagy.

The Lip Sync Battle takes place on Friday Nov 13 at 8pm at Comanche Suites. All students are welcome to come and show support for the contestants and be a part of something special.