Lip sync competition kicks off Homecoming week

Makenzie Anderson

Cheerleaders perform at the Lip Sync competition held in Akin Auditorium on Oct. 27. Photo by Kayla White.
Cheerleaders perform at the Lip Sync competition held in Akin Auditorium on Oct. 27. Photo by Kayla White.

Student organizations including Greek life, Black Student Union, Residence Hall Association, Caribbean Student Organization and the cheerleaders performed in Akin auditorium on Monday night as part of the Thriller Homecoming Lip Sync Competition. The auditorium was so full that Homecoming committee members had to stop letting students come in because it was already overcrowded.

Staying true to the Homecoming theme and the times, a common theme throughout was death and the whip.

Courtney Waldron, psychology sophomore, said her dance background helped her perform with Alpha Phi and Sigma Nu.

“Performing was a little nerve racking but I’m used to performing in front of people so it wasn’t half bad,” said Waldron.

Emilie Harris, mathematics sophomore, said she also experienced nerves before performing with Gamma Phi Beta and Kappa Alpha Order.

“I was terrified,” said Harris. “But the people in my group calmed me down and told me we were going to do great.”

Harris said she enjoyed being paired with Kappa Alpha Order.

“They were very dedicated but made practicing and performing so much fun,” said Harris.

Brandon Allen, mechanical engineering junior and Sigma Alpha Epsilon member, said he enjoyed being paired with Sigma Kappa.

“Pairing with a sorority is fun,” said Allen. “Especially because it helps us get to know our fellow Greeks and further intensify inter-group bonds.”

Kenadi Campbell, computer science sophomore, said RHA started practicing a month and a half before the performance.

“I think we did really well,” said Campbell. “Everything went pretty much as we rehearsed.”

Skylar Franks, education sophomore, said the cheerleaders only prepared during one practice and Sunday night.

“We weren’t nervous,” said Franks. “We’re used to being in front of hundreds of people every Saturday night.”

Unfortunately, the cheerleaders had technical difficulties with their music during their performance.

“The music cutting out didn’t exactly affect us because we’re cheerleaders so we know how to improvise,” said Franks. “You have to prepare for the worst, so before we went on we clarified we would just sing a cappella if it happened.”

In the end, Gamma Phi Beta and Kappa Alpha Order, RHA, and CSO were named the three finalists that will perform again at the bonfire, Thursday at 9:15 p.m., for first place.

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