Panel to discuss value of liberal arts

Melissa Laussmann


To clarify the meaning of a liberal arts education, Todd Giles will moderate a panel at 7 p.m., Sept. 10 in Shawnee Theatre.

“My hope is that this panel will foster more public discussion on campus about MSU’s COPLAC (Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges) mission and the value of a strong liberal arts and sciences foundation for all of our students, regardless of what fields they decide to pursue,” Giles, an assistant professor of English said.

Giles said the six panelists representing various programs across campus should just be starting the discussion.

“We have a special provost-appointed task force to develop a freshman seminar on campus, and this panel discussion is an important step in helping to create the seminar,” Giles said.

David Rankin, English department chair, said the panelists will to explain the importance of the liberal arts and sciences in our culture and how they complement professional degree programs.

“Hopefully this panel will become an MSU tradition,” Rankin said.

Nathan Jun, associate professor of philosophy, said the panelists will discuss the practical benefits of a liberal arts and sciences education to students from all majors.

“As an institution, it behooves us to reflect upon what it means to be a liberal arts college,” Jun said.