Students produce plays over entire semester

Ethan Metcalf

Students produce plays over entire semester from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo.

While most students are studying for finals, theater seniors are preparing for opening night of their student-directed one-act plays, a feat that requires them to flex all of their theater muscles and no easy task to be sure.

“It’s basically a test, the ultimate test, of everything you’ve learned,” said Sarah Chong Harmer, theater junior.

Senior Katherine Tate is directing “Rosemary and Ginger,” a play about two sisters from New England, and she said the show audiences will see April 24 and 25 has been in the making for about a year.

“Throughout the semester we’ve been really digging deeper into the artistry and the logistics and what steps we have to take to get to this point, so yeah, it really started last summer,” Tate said.

Hardships aside, Tate said she enjoyed watching the relationship between the characters—and the actors—grow.