Room selection process ends as expected

Brianna Sheen

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This year’s housing selection process ended March 9 when current residents of McCullough-Trigg Hall, Pierce Hall, and Killingsworth Hall were allowed to pick their rooms through the online housing website.

Residents of these halls were the last to pick, and according to Angie Reay, associate director of housing and dining services, all of the rooms on campus are full, except for McCullough-Trigg Hall, Pierce Hall and Killingsworth Hall, which have been reserved for incoming freshman.

According to an email sent March 3 by Michael Mills, director of housing and dining services, the office knew going into the room selection process that there were more room requests than beds.

“We knew we were going to be very tight on space,” Reay said. “We had a lot of students who requested to move back to housing more than we had space available.”

In addition to the three residence halls, there are three apartment complexes on campus, Sundance Court Apartments, Bridwell Court Apartments and Sunwatcher Village Apartments, as well as a number of rooms rented out by MSU at Mustang Village.

“We are doing our best to accommodate everybody as best as we can,” Reay said.

Housing has a waiting list for students who wish to live in campus housing but didn’t get a room during this year’s room selection process.

“We will start working through our waiting list,” Reay said. “Last year we worked right around 100 [students] off our waiting list on to campus.”

Although the influx of new students has put a strain on housing, Reay said she’s excited for the coming school year.

“We know it’s going to be another transition year but we’re excited to have the new dorm come online next year,” Reay said.

For some students like Catherine Smith, art freshman, the room selection process was confusing.

“On my form I told that I was returning for the fall, yet once room selection started, it never game me the option to stay in my room,” Smith said.

While Smith said she has gotten on the waiting list, she is searching elsewhere for housing next semester.

“I’m having to find an apartment off campus,” Smith said. “I went on YikYak and asked around if anyone had an opening.”

Smith said she didn’t like this year’s room selection process because it was confusing and although she lived in an on campus apartment this semester, she wasn’t able to get a spot for this fall.

Reay said the housing office is available for any student who is confused or has questions.

“Students have a lot of ‘What if?’ questions,” Reay said. “We try to explain things as best we can but if they have any specific questions they can come by the housing office and we’ll be happy to help them.”

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