Safe spring break success

Mandy Saal

This year’s annual Safe Spring Break organizers wanted to remind students to drink responsibly, avoid dangerous activities, and gave students advice about what they should do to take care of their bodies.

Shanna Tole, an official at the Vinson Health Center booth, said, “I hope students are reminded to treat their bodies with care over spring break. Remember to use sunscreen, all kinds of protection, and hydrate.”

Every organization set up a booth with free information, goodies, and advice for students that are about to go on spring break.

Casey Boaz, senior in criminal justice, said he went right after class so he could get a free hot dog and try the drunken driving simulator. Boaz thought it was creepy to see how easily it was to crash a car while under the influence.

Students and faculty ate free hot dogs, tried out the drunken driving simulator, got a free T-shirt after visiting every booth, played root beer pong, and received give-a-ways.

Tole, an X-ray technician at Vinson Health Center, said, “I hope this year’s Safe Spring Break brought awareness to the Vinson Health Center, and I hope every student stays safe, healthy and smart.”

Organization officials educated students on the safer alternatives to drinking and driving, drugs, and partying. Students were given safety tips on self-defense, and informed on a new app that lets students communicate to friends going out together.

Samantha Scott, junior in education, said, “The Circle of 6 app is a great safety tool because it’s a quick and easy way to tell your friends that you need help or if you need to find them. It even sends your friends your GPS location and a short message.”

Hunter Davis-Overall, sophomore in mass communication, said, “It was a great way for students to learn safer options while away for spring break. A couple of my friends and teammates all went together and got to talk to the self-defense booth, and we are ready to fight off about anything now.”

The Counseling Center, Disability Support Services, Housing and Dining Services, the police department, Student Development and Orientation, Vinson Health Center, and The Wellness Center hosted this year’s Safe Spring Break in the Comanche Suites located in the student center.