Killingsworth residents on ‘lockdown’

Felicia Svanehed

Residents in Killingsworth Hall are not allowed to check anyone into Killingsworth and the girls living there cannot be checked into Pierce, the mens’ resident hall, or McCullough-Trigg, the co-ed resident hall. The students are calling it a lockdown, voicing particular frustration at not knowing when it will end.

On Nov. 3 Norma Rodriguez, Killingsworth hall director, posted notes on the doors of Killingsworth telling the residents that they cannot check non-residents in or be checked into other buildings because of disruption in the Killingsworth community.

“Not even the RAs knew anything about the lockdown until the notes were posted on the door and all over Killingsworth, and it’s weird because all the RAs had a meeting on Sunday night but Norma didn’t even mention it,” Sydnee Pottorf, education sophomore and resident assistant in Killingsworth, said.

The lockdown happened because people have been sneaking in and out of the building, not checking people in and out on time, people not being with their hosts at all times and being rude to the people at the front desk, according to Norma’s notes and students.

“I honestly understand both Norma’s perspective and ours of this lockdown. I just hope it won’t last for too long. The main reason why we’re on a lockdown is because of people not checking out on time and that people have been sneaking in, but I don’t think that the lockdown is going to help,” said Ashley Hay, undecided freshman and Killingsworth resident. “People are going to get bored and restless which means that they will find other ways to sneak people in. and the longer the lockdown is going on people are going to get better and more creative at sneaking people in.”

During the lockdown more people have been going to the library and the student center more frequently just to spend time with each other, and guys have even been seen late at night walking in and out of girl’s bathrooms.

“Rules were broken and I understand that it was kind of stupid but the guys at Pierce have done the exact same thing and all they get are warnings and the wall of shame. I don’t understand why the girls have to be on a lockdown. We didn’t even get a warning and we don’t even know how long the lockdown is for,” said Emily Richburg, nursing freshman who also lives in Killingsworth.