Give input on dining contract before it’s too late

Ethan Metcalf

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Our view: Regardless of which side you fall in the great cafeteria debate, change is inevitable when the dining contract is either renewed or re-signed, and the window for input is closing fast. We encourage everyone, especially those who must purchase a meal plan, to give feedback on the quality of dining.

On-campus dining is a big deal, and it’s only going to get bigger as the university welcomes more resident students to campus, starting with the 500 beds in the proposed resident hall.

According to Michael Mills, director of housing and dining services, the university has been on its Aramark contract for about 15 years. The next contract will have a five or 10 year option, meaning whoever university administrators choose to give the contract to will be providing MSU with food longer than most students will spend in college.

Housing and dining officials will consider proposals over the winter break, so we have until December to let them know what they should be looking for in the next dining contract.

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