Renovation to Prothro classroom coming for writing center

Jacqueline Gober

The writing center helps students with their writing, whether it be for a class assignment or helping them prepare for the writing proficiency exam—something all students must take. But the writing center is small, so no more than three students can be helped at a time, and it’s housed in three different locations, making it harder to find.

To alleviate this problem, Kristen Garrison, writing program administrator and assistant professor of English, said the center will move from the cramped Bea Wood 220 to Prothro-Yeager 102, a larger first-floor classroom.

“The writing center helps recognize the value of writing, and the need for everyone to get a second pair of eyes to look at their paper,” Garrison said.

David Percy, director of facility services, said the final approval for funds has not been made, but the project is expected to cost $28,000 or less if the project is scaled down.

The room will be split into three sections: A wall will split the class room in half, and one of those halves will be split again, making room for a classroom, conference room and the writing center.

While the project is still being approved, Garrison said the center’s potential new home would be ready in fall 2015.

The writing center has six tutors this year, and as many as 12 in the past. The tutors are trained to help students in any major, with any paper.

“I like helping people with something that I think I’m relatively good at, but I also like learning from the people I tutor,” Danielle Schwertner, senior in English and two-year tutor, said.

The writing center also gives lessons to distance education students, and each year the writing center helps about 150 students in approximately 400 sessions.

“I really like interacting with the students, and helping them,” Tammy Hornbeck, English grad student, said.

For now, the writing center has three locations, Bea Wood 220, Mon. – Thur. 9:00 AM to 4:00, Sunwatcher Plaza, Monday 6:00 PM- 9:00 PM, and Moffett Library, Sunday and Thursday, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM.