Administrators look the other way

The Wichitan

OUR VIEW: You can’t have a policy that says no drinking while student life administrators do nothing while walking around tailgaters who were openly drinking.

It’s hard to imagine tailgating without alcohol. However, binge drinking and underage drinking continue to negatively impact the university. Administrators need to follow existing policy, with clear and timely consequences.

Students attending Saturday’s game at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas — and many who didn’t attend — have heard of a drunken fight between someone affiliated with Tarleton State University and members of an MSU fraternity Saturday night. Clearly inappropriate and imprudent behavior.

College students know the effects of drinking. Impaired judgment. Slowed reaction times. Behavior changes.

The university policy is clear regarding alcohol use. Consuming alcohol at athletic events held on property owned or leased by Midwestern State University is prohibited. Inappropriate and imprudent behavior related to the use of alcohol will result in disciplinary action. State law is even clearer, outlawing public intoxication and underage drinking.

School officials should not allow drinking in violation of university policy and state law. To protect the image of the school and the safety of the students, administrators need to take preventative measures and to make students aware of the policy and act on it.

If drinking is going to be allowed, even at away games on private property and even at non-athletic events, the policy needs to change and administration will have to actively card students drinking and to monitor their consumption.

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