Conservation doesn’t end with Earth Day

The Wichitan

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OUR VIEW:  The importance of environmentalism continues past Earth Day. MSU should set an example for the city to follow.

The campus came together for an admirable celebration of Earth Day with educational expositions and a full-blown design campaign that promotes city-wide recycling, but we must strive to ensure that Earth Day isn’t the only day of the year that environmentalism matters, especially in a city so far removed from conservationism as Wichita Falls.

Commemorative months litter our calendar, trivializing the importance of things such as black history and reducing it to a month-long “celebration.” April alone is host to autism and sexual assault awareness in addition to Earth awareness.

We have the unique opportunity to make the city more environmentally-conscious as long as we don’t forget about the importance of environmentalism after Earth Day. With more out-of-state professors and resident students coming to Midwestern State, we have access to new ideas from people who weren’t raised in a town that doesn’t even have curbside recycling. Now is the best time for us to set an example for the city to follow.

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