Catholic campus ministry to host Awakening #4

Cooper Miller

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The Catholic campus ministry will be hosting its fourth annual Awakening, open to all denominations, starting Friday March 7 and ending Sunday with mass.

“It is Catholic based but open to all denominations,” said Justin Veitenheimer, a junior in special education, and one of the co-coordinators of the awakening.

The event, lasting all weekend and costing $45 per student, will consist of skits, food, music and a series of talks with activities.  And according to Veitenheimer, the cost shouldn’t deter students from attending.

“Students can fill out a scholarship application and become a sponsored retreater,” Veitenheimer said.

Veitenheimer, an experienced retreater, has been on multiple awakenings both staffing and retreating and it showed that his experience has made him very passionate about these events.

“The whole retreat is student driven for students,” Veitenheimer said.  “It really does change people’s lives. You get a lot from retreating and a lot from staffing.”

Kevin Kulle, a senior in math, one of the leaders of the awakening, and also an experienced retreater himself has retreated once here at MSU and staffing the other at University of Texas Arlington.

“It changes you,” Kulle said. “When you staff a retreat, it’s unbelievable. You change people’s lives.”

With a passionate staff that has personal retreat experiences, and three past awakening retreats, this upcoming retreat provides the perfect opportunity for students to get involved.

“It makes you feel like a family,” Kuller said

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