130 students attend leadership conference

Samantha Forester

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130 students attend leadership conference from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo.

Students from across the region attended a leadership conference Saturday, Feb. 22 in hopes of learning better ways to communicate through their campus organizations.

“The experience was uplifting and it really made us sit down and reevaluate what we really were doing in our organization. So I think this was definitely worth getting up at 6:00 a.m. to get ready for today,” Leanne Henry a senior in chemistry said.

Henry attended the conference with several of her sorority sisters and said meeting new people added to the experience.

“I also got to learn about chapters in sororities and fraternities outside of MSU and things that they have done. So it was a nice way of learning something and seeing outside the Midwestern box at least,” Henry said.

According to conference coordinator Kevin Bazner, approximately 130 students from three different universities came to the WeConnect conference. Bazner said the WeConnect conference offered a unique opportunity and exposure for students.

“I think WeConnect is branded as an opportunity of engaging with other leaders, having the conversations with other student organizations, different types of student organizations, and even students on other campuses. Sharing the conversation of, ‘Hey you’re having this problem, so am I,’ and identifying ways to kind of solving the problem together,” Bazner said.

Adam Joiner, a senior from Tarleton State University, said he and jumped at the opportunity to attend. Joiner wants to be a Greek life adviser and past leadership experience at his university has helped him realize the impact he wants to make.

“I’ve been a part of orientation, duck camp, stuff like that. I’ve been a part of SGA. I really just want to impact the individual, and help them grow as a person,” Joiner said.

MSU SGA vice president, and Kappa Delta Chi member Leona Sandiford also has plenty of leadership experience but said attending conferences like these is always helpful.

“You’re never too old to learn. I think I could learn from this activity and become a better member,” Sandiford said.

Keynote speaker T.J. Sullivan said college campuses can act as stepping stones when students are involved in leadership roles, to better prepare them for the real world.

“That’s the best thing about being a leader in a college setting is they give you so many cool opportunities to learn and get better. I can’t believe people would rather sit home or sleep in and not take part in something like this. Make sure you take part next year,” Sullivan said.

Henry said if given the opportunity, students should take full advantage because events like these don’t come around very often.

“I would definitely say that anybody who is in an organization should definitely come to one of these because what you leave with is priceless,” Henry said.

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