Portico students pray for MSU


The First Baptist Church Portico group came to campus.

Naomi Skinner

The Portico church group, affiliated with First Baptist Church, hosted a prayer evening in the atrium of the Clark Student Center. The students participated in this event by praying for the campus and the surrounding community.

“We come together to pray about our campus, the faculty, the students and we’re praying for rain tonight because that’s something our town desperately needs,” Savannah Wheeler, a senior in English, said.

The students took part in a worship session at the event led by Wheeler to, through song and fellowship,  help pray for the needs of MSU.

“We’re going to be praying as well, fervently to God, just asking him to give us the desires of our heart and answer our prayers this evening,” Wheeler said.

The prayer evening ended with students being united and praying for one another and the MSU community.