NAACP sit-in falls short

The Wichitan

Nearly a surprise to the dining staff and to the students in the dining hall, the NAACP student chapter held a sit-in on Monday, Feb 25, a sit-in set up to be something educational.

The intention was to represent the sit-in that occurred in 1960 when four African-American men sat in a whites only section at a diner in North Carolina. Plenty of planning had apparently gone into this event, however, that wasn’t expressed to the students.

As people began to file into the cafeteria for lunch, they could hear the mumbles of discomfort as students tried to figure out what was going on. Because students were poorly informed of the event, they were disgruntled and some chose not to eat in the cafeteria.

At noon Olivia Whitley and Jordan Branch, student organizers, gave a small speech about the sit in. Their delivery fell short due to quietness, but the information provided was great.

If the goal was to be educational, then there should have been more vocal announcements made, rather than just a short series of facts.

Next year we hope they do another sit in, but with better advertising. NAACP members were definitely on to something with this demonstration. They just fell short on the publicity and explanation ahead of time and during the sit-in.

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