New booting policy to fix ticket problem

Samantha Forester

New booting policy to fix ticket problem from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo.

A new policy has been put in place that may leave some student’s cars with a new accessory. Police chief, Dan Williams says excessive tickets are what will get your car “the boot.”

“It’s a person that gets I about five outstanding tickets. Really it’s aimed at the individual that we don’t know who the car belongs to, because either the title is in somebody elses name and we’re just not able to connect it to a student,” Williams said.

According to Chief Williams, as long as you have a decal you have nothing to worry about for now.

Williams came up with the idea for this new booting policy after tickets kept piling up but were not being paid off.

“It’s been probably a good year and a half to two years ago it seemed like we had an inordinate amount of cars that we weren’t being able to identify. I got to looking at other universities around Texas and we were about the only one I found that did not have a booting system in place,” Williams said.

Sophomore nursing student, Anthony Adams says he feels something needs to be done about the excessive tickets, but is not sure if booting vehicles is the right move.

“I mean yeah, it sucks when I pay for a decal and I’m trying to find a parking spot and somebody has a parking spot without a decal, but other than that it really doesn’t bother me,” Adams said.

Junior marketing student, Serena Ramirez who’s racked up her share of tickets on campus says booting cars may be a little extreme, and could create another problem as well.

“I do feel a boot is also really excessive, plus assuming people can’t really take care of that problem either then their car is just going to sit on campus and take up another space. There’s already not enough parking on campus as it is, because people are always driving around fighting for them. I feel as though it would take away another spot,” Ramirez said.

Although the policy is already in place, the police department is expecting to get the equipment to boot vehicles later this semester or by the fall.
The equipment is being paid for by a state fund provided to universities for equipment projects.