Fright Fest gives students a s of scares

Fright Fest gives students a weekend of scares from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo.

Halloween began early last weekend when the University Programming Board and the Department of Housing teamed up for the weekend long Fright Fest.

“One of [housing’s] plans was to kind of do a late night and weekend type deal,” said Mario Ramirez, activities coordinator for the Office of Student Development and Orientation.

“So we got our group together and brainstormed about what we were going to do and we came up with Fright Fest. We found out a weekend that would work in October that would work with the Zombie Crawl, it would work with The Walking Dead, which UPB shows every Sunday, and we did the Fright Night for Friday night so it kind of went a whole weekend of fright fest.”

Horror movies such as “I Am Legend” and “The Evil Dead” were shown all day Sunday in Shawnee Theater, culminating in the newest episode of The Walking Dead at 8 p.m.

Attendance for Sunday’s event was lower than expected, but overall the weekend was still a success.

“I saw a lot of people out with the whole pie eating contest and costume and smores thing,” said sophomore Heather Vasquez. “So I think if it was a little more advertised, if this thing becomes annual, more people would show up.”