Lawmakers wage war on women

“The war on women” is a hot topic issue in politics right now. Democrats are attacking Republicans for attacking women’s rights, and Republican women are attacking Democrats, calling them “absurd” and “ridiculous.” So what’s the real issue? Is there really a war on women? In many aspects, … [Read more...]

Taking a second to ‘share’ could save someone’s life

Facebook has over 845 million monthly users. Eight hundred and forty-five MILLION people! When a juicy rumor sneaks its way onto Facebook, it spreads like wildfire. Everyone knows about it: your friends, your family, your friends’ friends, your coworkers and your grandmother who doesn’t even … [Read more...]

Experts shouldn’t stereotype

Chardon High School was dealt a tragedy Monday when a teenager opened fire on students with a semi-automatic handgun. Three students died and two other students were wounded. As per usual in a situation like this, experts are speaking up to help figure out why the teenager open fired on … [Read more...]

Clearing the air after ‘Puck Furple’ column

One would think that a story about tuition being raised or MSU possibly going through a name change would cause an uproar. Last week, those front page stories were completely disregarded by most. For some strange reason, the column I wrote about my “Puck Furple” sign being taken away at a … [Read more...]

Comic – 02-22-2012

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Letter to the editor – 02-22-2012

I just read the article “MTV, Jersey Shore, and Teen Mom are rotting your brain,” and while I agree about the comments made about Jersey Shore, I disagree about the parts about Teen Mom. Have you actually sat down and watched an episode of this show? Because it seems like you are taking what … [Read more...]

GOP presidential hopefuls lack knowledge on higher ed

Former House speaker Newt Gingrich opposes everything President Obama has done with the economy. Ron Paul, US Congressman, believes in the traditional concept of marriage between a man and a woman. Repealing the health care reform bill campaigned by Obama is what former governor of … [Read more...]

Better safe than sexless

It seems American youth has a “know-it-all” attitude about them, sex included. On Jan. 16, the MSU student success series presented “Sex and Excess: Surviving the Party” with Elaine Pasqua. Pasqua presented ideas and alternate solutions to situations students would encounter at parties or … [Read more...]

Students kept from showing school spirit

Sporting events at MSU are nothing like a Division One school, to say the least. Monday night’s men and women’s basketball games were a different story. Unfortunately, students were forced to contain their school spirit due to unexplainable reasons. I was one of those students. Three … [Read more...]

Letters to the Editor 02-15-2012

To Whom It May Concern,   In the “Letter to the Editor” section of the February 8, 2012 edition of The Wichitan, there was a letter published regarding the pricing of items at The Dillard Cafe in The Dillard College of Business. The letter stated that the writer was charged “$2.80 for a … [Read more...]