Freshmen, take note: Lessons from a senior

Dear Freshman Self, As I look back on my mostly pleasant three years at Midwestern State University, I often think of things I would have done differently. Although I have no regrets, and take every experience (good or bad) as a learning experience, I do wish I had the insight then that I do now. … [Read more...]

First car purchase takes caution, patience

They say you never forget your first time, and that couldn’t be more true. I did my research because I have been waiting for this day for what seems like forever. And finally it came last Wednesday. I bought my first car. I was a late bloomer. I didn’t start driving until I was 20, and for several … [Read more...]

The truth about rape in a culture of sexual violence

Should an individual (man or woman) find his or her self in the treacherous event of being raped, their life is immediately turned upside down. On top of feelings of guilt and anguish, the victim has to deal with inane questions like, “Well, what were you wearing?” Or, “How much did you have to … [Read more...]

The other f-word

College is typically a time for 20-somethings to explore their identity and venture out of their comfort zone and try new things. I took this time as a chance to explore some new ideologies. Prior to coming to Midwestern I hadn’t really thought much of feminism, only what society wanted me to … [Read more...]

Be responsible; get tested for STDs

I’m going to be that friend that is an absolute buzzkill and bore everyone with some scary facts because I know no boundaries and because this is an important subject for college students. It is important to be vocal in life, especially sexually. By preaching safe sex (but not elaborating on what … [Read more...]

Credit cards: Instant gratification, prolonged denial

I never realized I had a problem until I stepped back and saw things with a fresh set of eyes. I was addicted. Not to drugs or alcohol, or something that could harm my body, but my addiction was just as bad, and all too real. I was addicted to shopping. I grew up in an upper-middle class … [Read more...]

Spring Break PSA

Spring break starts this Friday. That means hot beaches, partying and playing in the sand. Just make sure the partying is under control. As students , we do not only represent ourselves, but we also represent MSU. Spring break is a time to make great memories, however, some people end up … [Read more...]

NAACP president apologizes for Classy Affair

Music and poetry have both played a substantial role in the development of black culture throughout the decades. Both have always served as a venue through which black people could express the struggles and hardships of life in America. Music and poetry have given voices to the voiceless and faces … [Read more...]

Representing the student body proves to be a rewarding experience

I have never experienced anything more intimidating than sitting at a boardroom table with lawyers, public accountants and university administrators to discuss the future of the university. The first time I spoke up in a Board of Regents meeting I felt like my heart was going to beat through my … [Read more...]

Political war rages in Washington

By Cody Parish, guest columnist There’s a political war raging in Washington, D.C. In the arena, we have a mass of politicians blanketing the left half of the bleachers wearing all blue shirts, waving small towel-sized American flags at the hoards of red-clad politicians brimming from the right … [Read more...]