Social Media: Be mindful of what you post

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Mikayla Dunlap, junior radiology
Mikayla Dunlap, junior radiology

Social media is a big thing to our generation. We have to document everything we’re doing, where we’re going, and what we’re eating.

As the marketing chair for the University Programming Board, I have definitely had to step my social media “game” up. I am a private person and don’t like exposing too much of myself on the internet. With UPB’s social media, I have to be very active online. Making sure I’m promoting events in a good enough time is a challenge because we have so many platforms.

Learning the best times to post on Instagram and Twitter was a big challenge in the beginning. We want to have as many interactions as we can and it varies on whichever social media platform I’m posting on.

Being active on UPB’s social media has really made me take a backseat in my own social media. I didn’t post that much to begin with, but now my social media is really stagnant. To be great at one thing, something else has to take the backseat and I’m okay with it being my social media. I have more time to be productive since I’m not constantly checking five to six social media accounts.

For almost a year now, I have definitely seen a difference in my own preference of using social media. I’m getting to the point where I rarely use it. I’m establishing myself and my social media presence with UPB.

Being that a lot of employers are now looking at social media accounts before hiring people, I want to be cognizant to what I am posting. I wasn’t posting anything inappropriate before, but now that I’m getting close to starting my career, I want to make sure my online profiles are a reflection of my true self.

Social media has been a great thing for me. It’s very entertaining, and it gives me a way to keep up with friends I wouldn’t necessarily talk to everyday.  

College students just have to be mindful of what they post and how it could affect them later on in life.

Makayla Dunlap is a radiology junior.

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