Student runs successful clothing line from dorm room

Richard Anyaegbu, geology sophomore, does a lot more than just sleep or study in his dorm room. Anyaegbu operates a clothing line from his room, and he held a photoshoot yesterday for his upcoming collection, which he will later upload to his website for people to buy.Anyaegbu said, “The shoot went … [Read more...]

Kappa Alpha Order wins Greek League championship

Recreational Sports League included the Greek League Championship, where Kappa Alpha Order beat Sigma Alpha Epsilon in flag football with a 6-0 lead. KA scored a touchdown early in the first half and fought hard to maintain the one touchdown lead. No one else in the game scored, which left both … [Read more...]

Students don’t think national security is an important issue

Russian spies, Mexican drug smugglers, and domestic criminals are national security issues America faces today. However, students believe that national security is one of the least important issues facing America today. Survey results indicate that for students, the important issues included: race … [Read more...]