Kappa Alpha Order wins Greek League championship

Rodrigo Mireles

Hayden Lewis, nursing junior, playing flag football on Oct. 11. Photo by Izziel Latour
Hayden Lewis, nursing junior, playing flag football on Oct. 11. Photo by Izziel Latour

Recreational Sports League included the Greek League Championship, where Kappa Alpha Order beat Sigma Alpha Epsilon in flag football with a 6-0 lead. 

KA scored a touchdown early in the first half and fought hard to maintain the one touchdown lead. No one else in the game scored, which left both teams hungry for a touchdown. Every time someone had the ball, the other team fought hard to keep them from scoring. There were times where instead of moving forward, they moved back because the quarterback’s flag was pulled. This caused punt returns and a second half that was left scoreless.

Alberto Velazquez, KA senior, commented on the game and his role in the team.

“The game was very intense. We’ve played this team twice before and we didn’t do as well as we did today,” Velazquez said.

KA has played SAE twice in the Greek League bracket. 

Velazquez said, “We did a great job at being focused and pursuing the ball. We were determined to win, kept at it, and won.”

Brian Warren, KA president, credited the win to a solid defense.

“Our defense is what killed it. Alberto forced pressure and didn’t let them get yards. It showed at the end of the day when we won,” Warren said. “We’ve never won a Greek League championship so this is probably the happiest I’ve ever been. I could graduate right now and be content.”

The game was intense with accidental hits, heated back and forth arguments, and constant gathering of referees to discuss close calls. 

Manny Hoffmann, KA junior, said the fraternity members want to keep a positive attitude for the upcoming regular season games.

“We need to stay excited,” Hoffmann said. “When everyone is having a good time we play really well.”