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‘The Devil All The Time’ promises a thrilling story that falls through

Tom Holland

Brian Lang, Film Critic

October 9, 2020

In a year where theaters have been closed and the most exciting movies have been pushed into 2021, any blockbuster film feels like an oasis in the desert. Naturally, I was thrilled to hear about the new Netflix drama “The Devil All The Time” which boasts big names and an exciting cult-based plot...

‘Killing Eve’ thrills with espionage and assassins

Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer in Killing Eve (2018)

Brian Lang, Film Critic

April 16, 2019

“Killing Eve” starts with a murder that just doesn’t add up. A Russian operative dies minutes after being stabbed, and there’s not a single scrap of evidence to build an investigation on. The perpetrator, Villanelle (Jodie Comer), is a special breed of assassin who creatively kills her target...

‘Greta’ a silly after-school special

Isabelle Huppert and Chloë Grace Moretz in Greta (2018)

Brian Lang, Film Critic

March 5, 2019

Picture this: you’re riding the subway in New York City when you spot a handbag that must have been left behind on one of the seats. Most passengers would ignore the bag, a few might heed the warnings given by the MTA and call the authorities, but Francis, the protagonist in Neil Jordan’s new psycholo...

‘A Simple Favor’, a glossy, twisted, thriller

Brian Lang, Film Critic

September 26, 2018

Stephanie is a ditzy, insecure, single-mom vlogger who is over-involved at her son’s school. Emily is a powerful PR director a fashion company who dulls the pain of suburban life with strong chilled martinis. When their paths cross a fast friendship ensues, but it’s only when Emily asks her new fr...

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