The Wichitan

Are you right for the Republican Party?

Jonathan Lyne

The Wichitan

February 14, 2015

Is the Republican Party right for our generation? That’s the question that sparked this editorial. But as fair as that question is, it should be reversed. Is our generation right for the Republican Party? I’ve identified with the GOP for as long as I’ve held my own political opinions—nea...

Students have incentive, assistance for filing taxes

Figures from 2012 academic year.

Ethan Metcalf

March 30, 2014

With only three weeks left before the famous April 15 deadline, tax return madness is in full swing all across the country. Luckily, Midwestern State University students need only to drive down Kemp Boulevard to be reminded of the looming deadline by the Liberty Tax Service mascot, the Statue of Liberty,...

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