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Fair-weather advocates should learn the facts

Bri Sheen, mass communication sophomore

Brianna Sheen

May 4, 2016

Let's clear something up. Target is not allowing anyone to use any restroom they want. Target is not inviting men into women's restrooms. Target is not creating a safe haven for child predators, rapists, or any other scary threat conjured up by close-minded people harboring some deep anti-LGBT+ resentment...

Women, children at risk due to new bathroom conflict

Sam Sutton, mass communication junior

Samuel Sutton

May 4, 2016

Recently, Target has decided to let men, women, and transgender people use either bathroom they want, men's or women's. I'm going to say this loud and clear. Women should use women's bathrooms, and men should use men's bathrooms.I understand transgender people struggle with this since they may identify as the ...

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