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Students awarded more than $50 million in financial aid last year

Students awarded more than $50 million in financial aid last year

Hunter Tyler, Reporter

April 16, 2019

College isn't cheap and costs aren't going down. To help from going into debt, students depend on financial aid. This year, about 76 percent of the student population received some form of financial aid, $59.4 million in total. "There’s always been a saying that every year millions of dollars go...

Renovations in Fain

Renovations in Fain

kristin silva

January 30, 2018

To comply with the American Disabilities Act and fire marshal regulations, so students, faculty and visitors with disabilities can reach their classes, offices and the restrooms, the Fain College of Fine Arts is undergoing renovations to accommodate for such needs. In 2013, the fire marshal came to ...

Student Center lounge repurposed into office space

conner wolf

March 24, 2015

To make more office space in the student center, the multicultural lounge has been closed and repurposed by student development. The room now is just another office. Cynthia Cummings, special events coordinator, said, “Nobody ever really used the multicultural lounge, so it was turned into office...

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