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‘Ready, Player One’ presents a fun trip down memory lane

Tye Sheridan in Ready Player One (2018)

Brian Lang, Film Critic

April 3, 2018

In an ever-growing genre of great video game movies (Wreck-It Ralph, Jumanji, Tomb Raider, etc.), it may seem like another addition might become white noise. Steven Spielberg's newest masterpiece, “Ready, Player One,” is one of my favorite action movies of the year and arguably one the best video ...

CGI: An important tool for filmmakers

CGI: An important tool for filmmakers

Dakota Mize

May 3, 2017

Computer-generated imagery is an essential tool in the production of movies, but sometimes it can look obviously artificial. The best kind of CGI is the CGI that the viewer doesn’t even know is there. An example of the extensive use of CGI would be in most establishing or wide shots of a cities or towns. There ...

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