The Wichitan

Geology students explore Wichita Mountains

Students apart of the Structural geology class took a trip to the Arbuckles Mountain to explore and get hands on experience in the field. Photo by Jonathan Price

Kristen Gregg

April 20, 2016

As Alexandria Weiskircher, junior in geology, places all 19 of her new igneous rocks into her collection she started as a young girl,  she reflects on the weekend she spent with 10 other petrology students in The Wichita Mountains, Saturday, April 12."I love the field trips. I loved the Wichita Mountains...

Night at Lake Arrowhead full of bugs, adventures

Kharmyn Lewis

Kharmyn Lewis

October 13, 2015

As we approached the entrance to Lake Arrowhead State Park, I looked around at the laughing and smiling faces of my three friends. My stomach drops and I begin to feel uneasy. I tried not to show how nervous I was, this was my first camping trip. I try reassuring myself by thinking, “we’re only...

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