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Be aware of ocean pollution

The Wichitan

April 24, 2019

OUR VIEW: The Wichitan staff believe that there are many things that can be done to help counteract the effects of pollution already acting on the planet made by humans. Recycling is a great way to help and reusing products is the best way to control the output of waste into our oceans. To show how...

Akoakoa Paleka-Kennedy goes from palm trees to flat lands

Akoakoa Paleka-Kennedy, criminal justice junior, doing some fitness training during team training at the MSU practice fields, Oct. 7, 2014. Photo by Sam Croft

Jessalyn Castro

October 7, 2014

A trip home for most students only takes a few hours in a car that can be made every other weekend. However, for criminal justice junior Akoakoa Paleka-Kennedy, an 8-hour flight will get him back home only twice a year. And he travels home to the southernmost state all for football. His name...

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