Tems rendition of Bob Marley’s song, “No Woman, No Cry” is set to present Marvel with another Oscar


Nigerian singer Tems covers Bob Marley’s “No Woman, No Cry” in collaboration with Marvel to create hype for the upcoming Black Pather sequel, 2022. Photo courtesy of MARVEL.

In anticipation of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” and to get fans excited for the sequel, Marvel released a teaser trailer which featured a rendition of a popular reggae song “No Woman, No Cry.” The song was originally released by popular and deceased Jamaican  singer-songwriter Robert Nesta Marley OM – best known by his stage name, Bob Marley. The rendition in the trailer was sung by Nigerian singer Temilade Opeyini, more commonly known as Tems. A week after the trailer release, upon the request of fans, Marvel released a full studio single of the song with Tems on Apple Music and then on all streaming platforms. With the release of this rendition, Marvel should most likely prepare for another Oscar or even a Grammy in their future.

Tems’ version of “No Woman, No Cry” is so similar and so different from Bob Marley’s. In the original, Bob Marley uses a keyboard, electric guitars and backup from the Wailers while in Tems’ version she takes out the backup singers and keyboard and she replaces it with a piano and looped versions of herself singing to give the effect of backup singers. She also slows the tempo down and starts the song with an acappella moment of her singing the words “No woman, no cry.” 

The lyrics of the song remain the same, but Tems sings them differently than Bob Marley did. In the original, Bob Marley sings it in his Jamaican accent which made a lot of people believe that the words, “No Woman, No Cry” meant the absence of woman equates to the absence of tears of which was cleared up by the reggae artist as he explains that the meaning of “No Woman, No Cry” is that it is a comforting phrase. The song is a tale about celebrating a loved one who has passed away instead of crying. Tems sings the song in her natural Nigerian accent which gives it a west African feel rather than a Caribbean feel. 

The decision to use the song for the upcoming movie was an excellent decision. The song speaks to the loss of a loved one and the call to the mother or sisters of said loved ones to stop crying and start celebrating their life, which is the theme of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.” It is a film about the death of King T’challa and how Shuri, Queen Ramonda and the nation of Wakanda deal with and react to that. In addition, the song and the movie are a tribute from Marvel to the passing of Chadwick Boseman, and Tems’ rendition is a perfect portrayal of what King T’challa would say to the nation of Wakanda and what Chadwick Boseman would say to Marvel fans.

Tems has always been an amazing artist and “No Woman, No Cry” has always been an amazing song but when you cross amazing together you get phenomenal which is what her rendition is. It is a great song and I advise that you give it a listen.

Rating: 5/5