SATIRE: The story of Baby Wichitan


Baby Wichitan before his disappearance.

The Wichitan Staff

If you ever walked past The Wichitan office, you would notice a black-and-white photo of a baby. That little guy is none other than Baby Wichitan, the founding member of The Wichitan.

Born in Wichita Falls in 1922, his first words were, “Extra! Extra!”

He started writing at two months and by four months, he had published several impressive works on topics such as babies’ rights, health benefits of nap time and the infamous breast milk vs bottle milk debates. At five months, he was awarded a Pacifier Prize by the Toddler International Press Association.

One day, he was with his parents, who were touring the MSU campus. He saw that the the school did not have a school newspaper, so he crawled up to student affairs and made his proposal. Initially skeptical of his age, MSU administration were eventually won over by his wit and hardworking ethic. So in 1923, The Wichitan was founded. However, immediately after its inaugural meeting, Baby Wichitan stepped down and disappeared. All we have to remember him is this photo taken outside of the Prothro-Yeager building. So Baby Wichitan, wherever you are now, thank you for your commitment to student journalism despite not being able to read.