Business manager Alexis Martin says goodbye to The Wichitan


Alexis Martin will be graduating with a bachelor’s in mass communication. Photo courtesy of Alexis Martin.

I joined the Wichitan a year ago and this place has felt like home ever since. Coming into it, I was a little nervous because I didn’t know anyone or really what I was doing just yet but everyone on the Wichitan team welcomed me with open arms and helped me find my role on the team. My worries completely disappeared.

The organization as a whole is amazing. Now, I really understand what working at a paper is like. The experience has been so great. I’m thankful for my time here, I enjoyed my job as the business manager. Aside from that though, the people are amazing. I will miss them the most. I’ve cherished my short time at the Wichitan and the friends I’ve made this year. From weekly meetings and production nights to get-togethers and hanging out with the team, I’ve loved every second of my time at the Wichitan.

With graduation just around the corner, I’m taking time to reflect on my time at MSU. Being a part of the Wichitan team will always be a special time in my life and I will cherish it forever.

Thank you to the Wichitan senior staff. You welcomed me immediately and made me feel like an instant member of the Wichitan family. I am grateful for your friendship and your guidance this past year.

To anyone thinking about joining the Wichitan, I definitely think you should. Go to just one meeting and you’ll find amazing, kind and understanding people and you’d be a part of an amazing paper.

Alexis Martin joined the Wichitan in spring of 2021 as Business Manager.
Alexis Martin joined the Wichitan in spring of 2021 as Business Manager. Photo courtesy of Alexis Martin.