MSU Gets Lit at Glowcade


Colin Stevenson

General business senior Jaye Surles lines up her shot on the shuffleboard at Glowcade, Oct. 26.

On Tuesday, Oct. 26 the University Planning Board hosted a Glowcade, that is, “glowing arcade,” and dance party from 8-11 p.m. at Don Flatt Gymnasium. The gym floor was littered with balloons, and game tables were spread across the room and the walls. The gymnasium transformed when UPB turned out the lights and handed glow sticks to everyone who came in, ushering them toward the dancefloor and the glow-in-the-dark games. DJ Tito was in charge of the music and blasted the latest hits across the darkness. 

“A bunch of us were brainstorming, and me and Monica were trying to think of something like a concert, and then we were thinking like ‘a glow concert,’ and then we’re thinking of having it initially outdoors, so that’s why these glow-in-the-dark games came in, but we’d have to move it indoors. It’s still gonna be rad when we turn off the lights. So it was just all of us putting in ideas,” Alisha Joshi, UPB member and finance junior, said.

The initial “glow concert” idea was to reflect this year’s Homecoming theme, “Hits Now!” Hosting the Glowcade dance party indoors was a fortunate decision for them, as the weather forecast predicted severe thunderstorms and even a tornado watch. Strong gusts blew outside to foreshadow severe weather. Joshi said that if there were thunder, it would “give more effect to it.” 

Games included table tennis, foosball, darts, lunar minigolf, beanbag toss, table shuffleboard and a version of Jenga with jumbo, glow-painted blocks. Every table-top game boasted a bright, glowing table. Along with lasers, glow stick accessories and a disco ball, these were the lone sources of light in the gymnasium. The reception from students was also glowing. 

Nursing freshman Verenise Mora enjoys a game of cornhole at the Glowcade.
Nursing freshman Verenise Mora enjoys a game of cornhole at the Glowcade, Oct. 26. (Colin Stevenson)

“I think it’s awesome! It’s cool to see MSU put on something like this [to] get people out and meeting each other. I know my friends and I are having a lot of fun. You know, it’s colorful and fun!” Lissette Lefforge, volleyball team member and pre-law senior, said.

Terrel Williams, applied arts and sciences junior, felt the UPB and MSU Texas threw a well organized and enjoyable event. He also enjoyed the comradery that came from it. 

“Yeah the Glowcade was amazing. I love the way they put it all together and everyone is just in there, having a good time, y’know, vibing it up with each other and being themselves. Love MSU, go Stangs!” Williams said. 

Hannah Ponders, kinesiology senior, said that she enjoyed this year’s Homecoming in comparison to previous years so far.

“This is much better. We didn’t have anything like this before. I think COVID had a lot to do with it,” Ponders said.

Early education sophomore Alexis Willis plays darts at Glowcade.
Early education sophomore Alexis Willis plays darts at Glowcade, Oct. 26. (Colin Stevenson)

Kaheraan “Kasey” Wallace-Carter, social work freshman and lunar golf player, wore predominately white to stand out from the dark gymnasium. He said he had low expectations going in, but ended up enjoying the people and environment. 

“A lotta people in there, good energy, good vibes, really colorful, y’know. MSU really earned it this year with their homecoming…It’s more than I expected. I’ll be back next year. And the year after. And the year after. I’ma graduate and still come back,” Wallace-Carter said.

Despite the ominous forecast, the thunderstorm arrived hours after the party ended. UPB said they were happy with the turnout and the positive reception. Adriana Brown, Director of Special Events and marketing senior, said it was a surprisingly large turnout for the midterm season.

“We got a good crowd and it’s really nice in there. Really loud and stuff,” Brown said.