Women’s tennis returns this season

Thalia Doe, Sports Editor

Women’s Tennis is set to play next Friday on Oct.8 and Saturday, Oct.9 at the North Eastern State Invitational in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Casie Curry, exercise physiology junior, says she feels extremely grateful that she can return to play with little restrictions.

“I feel extremely grateful that we’re able to return to play with little restrictions. Due to COVID-19, we weren’t allowed to play as many matches during the year as we have in the past, so we’ve had a lot more practice time to work on certain things which has been helpful for not only myself but the team as a whole,”

Due to not having her physical cleared the first two weeks of practice, Curry says she is a little behind her teammates but is working on finding her rhythm again.

“I did have a little setback the first two weeks of practice, I wasn’t able to practice with the team due to not being cleared on my physical at the beginning of the year. I saw a specialist who did clear me 2 weeks later so I’m a little behind my other teammates. Right now my goals are just working to find my rhythm again, basically taking it back to the basics. As a team, our goal is always to be national champions. We had a heartbreaking lost to end our season way too soon last year and I think everyone’s goal is to make sure that doesn’t happen again,” Curry said.