Men’s golf is back in motion

Thalia Doe, Sports Editor

Men’s golf was back in motion on Sept. 13 starting off with the Bob Writz Invitational and now just wrapping up the RJGA South Central Shootout that took place on Monday, Sept. 20 and Tuesday, Sept 21.

Keiton Hoster, sports and leisure studies senior, said it is a great feeling to be able to compete and play against competitors rather than your own teammates, but was grateful for the time off because golf can be a stressful sport.

“It’s good to be back playing golf with your competition rather than your own teammates. There’s just a different dynamic when you’re playing with golfers from other schools. You get more of a feel of what you need to shoot to beat them because you’re there watching them play. In the off time I’ve been working on the things I needed to work on in my own game and it’s been much needed. Golf is a stressful sport, so having some time off without having to worry about tournaments was very beneficial,” Hoster said.

Hoster said his to win a tournament before graduation. This will be his last year of eligibility, and he believes that with the team he has right now, that they are capable of going to the national tournament that takes in spring of 2022.

“Personally, my main goal this year is to get a tournament win before I leave. This is my last year of eligibility and I want to go out with a bang. Team wise, this is one of the strongest teams I’ve ever been a part of. We have a lot of talent on the team and are capable of going to the national tournament in the spring. I know that is everyone’s goal when it comes to the team. We want to get to the national tournament,” Hoster said.

Hoster’s biggest difference that he sees in himself from his freshman year to now a senior is his personal growth. When he first came to MSU, Hoster says he was more of an athlete rather than a student athlete – that has changed, however.

“The biggest difference I’ve seen in myself from freshman to senior year is my personal growth. When I was coming into college all I wanted to do was play golf. I was more of just an athlete rather than a student athlete. You have to balance both and that’s what I started to understand through the years. The most important thing I’ve learned is that being a student athlete is a grind. It’s not easy by any stretch of the imagination. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to be the absolute best you can be,” Hoster said.

Keaton Dickens, sports and leisure sophomore, has only ever played at the collegiate level with COVID-19 playing a big factor. Dickens says that playing normally again is amazing.

“It’s amazing being able to play normally again. COVID-19 restrictions are the worst, and it doesn’t allow you to play the game like you’ve always played it. The extra time however has helped me improve my game in a lot of ways, and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way,” Dickens said.

Dickens is hoping to qualify for every tournament ahead of him and says that while COVID-19 may have interrupted his start, he was able to learn the process of playing collegiate golf.

“My goals this season are to qualify for every tournament and contribute to the team as much as I can. Our team is about as good as we could ask for. With that being said, we’re trying to win every tournament we show up to. We truly feel we can make a national title run this year.  Freshman was all about learning the process of playing collegiate golf. It wasn’t my best year as far as playing but I learned a lot and gained experience which I’m trying to apply this season. I’m definitely more focused and determined in knowing what I need to do to succeed this year,” Dickens said.

The next tournament for MSU Men’s golf is on Oct. 4 at the Farmers Insurance Sam Proal West/South Central Region Preview in Pueblo, Colorado.