Women’s basketball to return in November

Thalia Doe, Sports Editor

Although women’s basketball season will start later this fall, athletes are already anticipating a great season to come. In just a little over a month, we will see these ladies on the court.

 Eternity Jackson (No.1) sports and leisure junior, says she feels blessed to be able to play another normal season. Last year she says, not every game was guaranteed.

“I am very blessed to be able to play another normal season. Unfortunately, last year was an indecisive year for us to where all of our games weren’t guaranteed. I am very excited about this year and what it’s going to bring! The skills that’s I improved on this past year was just being more patient in hectic situations, and my ability to shoot more accurately,” Jackson said.

Jackson is hoping to make it to the championships this year. She says that the team has been working hard as a whole and is excited to see the results.

“My goals for this season is staying healthy, and making our way up to the championship. My team has been working extremely hard, and I’m thrilled to see our upcoming results. The expectation of me this year is to play every game like it’s my last. Last year taught me that every game isn’t guaranteed, so why not play like it’s your last? In addition, I am a very aggressive player, so I will work hard with every opportunity I obtain,” Jackson said.

As a junior, Jackson has grown in her awareness of fundamentals in the game of basketball with help from her coaches. She has also improved mentally in her years here at MSU.

“The biggest difference I have perceived from my freshman year to junior year is my basketball IQ. In the beginning, I was unaware of how the unique the fundamentals in basketball were. Coach J, Coach Reay, and Coach Dj have embedded the importance of details in my game, so it aided me this far. Also, I have improved mentally. As Coach J loved to say, ‘mind over matter baby’  that quote has become my go-to. Therefore, as we strive to prepare to become the best team we can possibly be. We may run into some walls along the way, but nothing will be able to stop us from overcoming any obstacle with the correct mentality,” Jackson said.

Sheridan Bostic (No.2) criminal justice junior, says she is excited for a regular-season that she hasn’t had since midway freshman year. Bostic has improved in her dibbling and confidence in the last year.

“I feel great honestly, to be able to play with my girls and have a regular-season is such an awesome feeling. I feel like some skills I definitely improved on is my dribbling. I’m more confident this year than last year. My goals for the season is to get my three-point percentage up but also as a team I know we want to go really far this season and win the LSC. Our team has so much grit and grind that we are ready for what the season will bring us,” Bostic said.

Bostic is glad that her freshman year she was able to learn and observe the seniors of the team. Her highlight of freshman year was having Coach J as a coach.

“The biggest difference from freshman year to junior year is general growth. My freshman year I had to take in and learn so much from the seniors and I’m thankful for all of it. Especially getting to know Coach J my freshman year was the highlight of the year. I’ve grown so much as a player and will continue to grow and learn from my teammates,” Bostic said.

The first game women’s basketball is scheduled for will be on Nov 12, at the D.L Ligon Coliseum against UC Colorado Springs at 5:30 p.m.