Football and volleyball required to quarantine

Wednesday, Oct. 21, Director of Athletics Kyle Williams sent a postmaster in response to the mandatory quarantine of the MSU Texas football and volleyball teams due to at least one player from each team testing positive for COVID-19.

MSU’s Sports Information Director Trey Reed confirmed both the players and coaching staff who participated in a practice held at Memorial Stadium last week, in accordance with the Wichita Falls Health District, will be required to quarantine for 14 days.

Due to mandatory quarantine, football’s MSU spring ball game has been canceled.

A volleyball team member tested positive for COVID-19 last week and the team’s players have since been in quarantine. One volleyball athlete had a hard time adjusting to the quarantine life but has since adapted.

“At first, I was very upset that I had to quarantine because I hate being inside all day,” mass communication junior Taylor Anderson said. “But by the third day, I was comfortable with the quarantine life. It sucks to stay in the apartment all day for 2 weeks, but I know it’s for a greater cause. When I chose to play volleyball in the middle of a pandemic, I knew there was going to be some obstacles and this is just one of them. It’s very important that everyone takes care of themselves and wears a mask.”

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