OPINION: Change the channel!

Christian Oseguera, Reporter

*Columns are the opinions of their respective authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Wichitan as an organization.*

It seems that all families keep the TV on one channel for the entire day. Sometimes I go off on my walks wondering, will they have changed the channel by the time I come back? The answer is no more often than not. What can I do to fix this? Nothing. I can only hope for the best. Never will I ever want to see CNN broadcast Mr. Cheeto Dust on a TV screen in this household ever again.

I’m sure y’all have had the same problem right? You continue to think to yourself: how am I going to stop my family from watching something I don’t like?

The answer? Baseball bat. The baseball bat always does the trick. It doesn’t matter if it’s a little league bat, blow up bat, metal bat..literally any ball will work. Just go to work and smack the TV like there’s no tomorrow, but there is a tomorrow. 

Johnny Bathitseed said he continues to struggle with this never ending problem.

“It’s so frustrating when I see my family watching Dallas Cowboy games. I HATE the Cowboys. I have my bat ready, but never have the courage to break the TV,” Bathitseed said with pure disappointment in himself. 

Many of y’all that are out there are in the same situation. Don’t be like Bathitseed. TAKE OUT THE TV! Don’t wait until the last minute when their habit is unbreakable. Do the unthinkable. They won’t even think that you have the guts to break the TV. Change their mind. Be the person everyone fears in the house.

Sister is listening to bad music? Smash her phone. Little brother is playing Fortnite? Smash his gaming system. It’s that easy.