Crazy things to do in quarantine

It’s suggested that everyone continues to practice safe social distancing. “Don’t hang out with large groups of people. In fact, don’t hang out with anyone outside your family,” they say.  The healthcare system knows what’s best for us, but we know what’s even better.

Go out there and enjoy life. Who cares what the highest of the highs in healthcare have to say about this pandemic. If you haven’t hung out with anyone in the past 24 hours, do so now! Don’t wait, act now! Hang out with a large group of friends in a small and tight space. Hang out with your boyfriend or girlfriend and travel hours to see them all while stopping and interacting with people to increase your chances of contracting the virus! Have fun. Don’t be smart. 

It’s important to continue to spend time with friends during the crazy life change. Travel to major cities, walk around them and enjoy visiting your favorite restaurants and malls. Don’t use gloves or a mask, because those are gross and totally not an up-and-coming fashion trend, right? If it’s ugly, then don’t wear it. If you were to get a mask though, the only acceptable ones would be designer brands. Anything less than that and you’re frowned upon by the whole community.

Now it’s all in your hands, so make the most of it. You’ve learned everything you needed to know. Don’t forget to not be safe, and don’t wash your hands!