Winter wonderland in the Falls


Bridget Reilly

Hardin building. Feb 5.

Taylor Anderson, Sports Editor

Wichita Falls endured a snowstorm that left many students relieved on the much-needed break. Classes and surrounding districts closed down Wednesday and Thursday due to the intense amount of ice and snow. However, this didn’t stop students from enjoying their day off.

Bridget Reilly
Mustang statues outside of Centennial Hall covered in snow. Feb. 5.

Steven Posey, marketing sophomore, and Zach Zamora, business management sophomore, decided to start their break off with a snowball fight outside their apartment.

“Snowball fights and hanging out. It doesn’t snow a lot in Texas, so you have to enjoy it while you can,” Posey said.

Snowball Fight
Bridget Reilly
Marketing sophomore Steven Posey gets ready to throw a snowball. Feb. 5.

Making most of the rare occasion, Zamora takes pride in enjoying his friend’s presence.

“[I] just really have a good time and spend the time with my friends enjoying each other’s company,” Zamora said.

Kerry Gage, education junior, said she likes the snow and has a new desire to move north to experience more snow.

“Honestly, when I was looking outside my window last night, I was waiting for the snow and it was finally sticking. So I went out there with a lot of people just in the snow. I just like it. I want to move up north now,” Gage said.

Dangerous Hill
Bridget Reilly
A student stands at the bottom of the “Dirt Hill” contemplating how safe it will be when she ascends. Feb. 5.

While some students used the day for fun adventures, Makeala McCoy, athletic training senior, utilized her time off to focus on school work.

“I was so happy we had the snow day because I could catch up on all my work and I could be a real productive student,” McCoy said.

The snow brought cold and new records. As of Wednesday morning, Sheppard Air Force Base recorded that Wichita Falls received 2.4 inches, breaking the standing record of 1.7 inches on Feb. 5, 1964.