My awesome take on the awesome halftime performance

This past weekend one of the biggest sporting events in the world (best one imo) took place with QB Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs making a comeback victory within the last 12 minutes against the San Francisco 49ers to win Super Bowl LIV. For the next couple of weeks (or until the XFL begins) the major sports media outlets will live off of everything the Kansas City Cheifs do; following the everyday movements of the major players of the Chiefs as well as covering the sure enough incoming parade that will take place in Kansas City, Missouri NOT Kansas City, Kansas (duh).

But I’m not here to write about the most exciting Super Bowl in two years. No, I’m not here to talk about how Jimmy Garoppolo fumbled the bag or how Google was absolutely wrong for making us all feel for Loretta in that ad. I’m here to talk about that awesome halftime show featuring musical artists Jennifer Lopez and Shakira along with surprise musical artists, Bad Bunny and some other dude who I and I bet you have probably never heard of. Now, before I go any further, I have to warn I have little to no exposure to the discography of either J Lo or Shakira; I might actually know more about Bad Bunny than those two combined, but I know who they are and I know a good concert when I see one.

Due to the unspoken American rule that you should never watch the Super Bowl alone, I  had the pleasure of watching the game with my friends. When the halftime performance came on, we were all just as excited to see. The first thing that came to my head was, “Wow, these scantily clad women are KILLING IT!” The choreography, light and firework effects were spot on, the outfit changes were crazy fast, and although, I couldn’t understand what the heck Shakira was saying for 80% of the set, that tongue flick thingy she did sealed the deal to make this the best Super Bowl halftime performance of this decade. Now after that, what honestly came to my head when the performance started was, “Geez, my mom would not like this,” a statement that was later confirmed by a text my mother sent in my family’s group message. But she was relieved that my baby brother his friends were not interested in watching the halftime show and had turned off the TV to play hide and seek. Good for her.

Going on Twitter during the halftime show, I could see that there were a lot of older folks that shared kind of the same sentiment about the halftime performance as my mother. I saw takes from folks upset about how much of their bodies showed, to “tHiS hALfTiMe sHoW Is NoT kId FrIenDLy” to even the “fact” that females shouldn’t host the halftime show anymore. I think that if anyone feels comfortable enough to expose that much of their body to the world without breaking TV censorship laws, more power to them. I mean, I know I’m not at that level yet (give me one summer) so I’m not gonna knock someone who is. Secondly, the whole idea of the halftime show not being “kid-friendly” is true. But, it’s not just the halftime show, its the whole Super Bowl experience. Odds are the same people who said they had to turn off the TV or remove their children from the room because of the halftime show also allowed their children to watch the Super Bowl ads of which about half encouraged the drinking of alcohol and the other half was related to taxes, vehicles, and insurance; things that I checked and are confirmed not very kid-friendly. Also, let’s not forget to mention the fact that they are allowing their children to watch grown men speed their progress towards CTE, but that is a discussion for another column. As for the women, shouldn’t host Super Bowl Halftime shows anymore tweeted by an older gentleman as well, how much more “Ok Boomer” and sexist can one get.

Unlike some, I thoroughly enjoyed the Halftime show and I personally thought the coolest thing about it was the addition of Spanish songs to the show. The Super Bowl is a uniquely, American event so it only makes sense that it reflects aspects of American culture. America, despite what some may like, is one huge he melting pot of different cultures, ethnicities and races. It was awesome to see another type of culture being represented during the Halftime show.