A Day in the Life: Tre’Vonne Bradford


Photo courtesy of Tre Bradford




Tre’Vonne Bradford, exercise physiology senior, has made it her mission to become involved on campus by networking with her peers and creating positive relationships that will last long after college.

Over the course of three years, Bradford has been the president of the Black Student Union, the campus culture chair of the Student Government Association, an orientation leader and a peer counselor. As her college career comes to an end, Bradford has decided to limit her involvement on campus and is currently a student ambassador and senator for the Black Student Union.

“Getting involved has allowed me to meet and network with so many people,” said Bradford. “When you get involved, you gain so much more school pride, but you also have the opportunity to learn about the different varieties of people who attend our university. Being involved builds character, leadership skills and it ultimately helps better the community.”

Though Bradford is heavily involved on campus, she still makes her schoolwork a priority. She is currently taking 18 hours and has mastered balancing school and extracurricular activities.

“A normal day for me varies, and with taking 18 hours it has become, oddly enough, easier for me to maintain balance and organization,” said Bradford. “I try to make every day productive by attending all of my classes, trying to plan out naps and being prepared for any of my organization’s executive officer meetings.”

Bradford isn’t just the face we see at all school activities and events, but she’s also the face of all the parties. Also known as ‘DJ Ayo’ Bradford stays booked and busy on the weekends, mixing soundtracks and keeping hundreds of college students entertained with her music taste and skill. Bradford describes her life as mostly calm, but said it can get hectic on the weekends.

“When I’m booked as a DJ, sometimes being a part of an organization can get tricky,” said Bradford. “If I have to DJ on a Friday night and volunteer early Saturday, I sometimes have to sacrifice some sleeping hours, but it’s always worth it in the end and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

Though life can become hectic and chaotic for Bradford, she tries to remember why she’s so involved and who she does it for.

“I am a first-generation student,” said Bradford. “Everything I do is just leading up to my future and that’s why I work so hard every single day. I am creating my own path, my own legacy and I refuse to quit or fail.”

Outside of school and the DJ booth, Bradford spends the little free time she has watching documentaries on Netflix, perfecting her craft as a DJ, cooking and hanging out with friends. Bradford says she is very particular with who she calls a friend.

“I try to surround myself with people who are hungry for success,” said Bradford. “My friends are people who are always learning new ways to perfect their skills and talents. It’s very important to me to have people in my corner with the same mindset as me.”

Briona Sibley, general business sophomore and close friend of Bradford, describes Bradford as a leader and a woman she aspires to be like.

Sibley said, “Bradford is a great person with a wonderful personality and she’s also a fantastic leader. She has impacted my life in so many ways, and she is one of the reasons why I’m so involved on campus. I was never the ‘getting involved’ type, but she has definitely changed my perspective. I am thankful for our friendship because she has helped me see that life is all about working hard to achieve success.”

Bradford has not only made an impact on campus, but she continues to change the lives of her peers by being an example inside and outside of school. Bradford will continue to guide those left behind after she graduates through continuous involvement and dedication to her legacy.

“I do all of this because I love people and networking,” said Bradford. “You never know who you could meet and you never know how they may change your life. I hope that even after college I continue to impact lives no matter where I may end up.”