Local art teacher’s artwork on display at The Kemp Center for the Arts


Chris Mayfield’s paintings of Captain America, War Machine, and Vision are on display at The Kemp. Photo by Peyton Alonzo

When walking through the halls of The Kemp Center for the Arts attendees now will find the artwork of Wichita Falls High School teacher, Chris Mayfield hung up along on the walls.

Mayfield said, he is doing is what he expects out of his students, and having his work on display gives him and what he teaches his students some credibility.

“Usually I work at school with an audience. I enjoy [students] energy in my work. I think it is good for my students to see the process of making an image. They need to see me be successful and fail.  It is good for them to see how I change, and turn a failure of a piece into what I wanted.  They need to see the process and I need them to keep me honest with my work,” said Mayfield.

Mayfield’s gallery is the latest in the “What’s Up Downstairs?” exhibit that The Kemp Center for the Arts puts on.

“I’ve always enjoyed superheroes. I like the ‘blurred line’ that is created between the good guys and the bad guys. Like the rest of us, heroes are just trying to do the right thing according to them.  It may or may not line up with everyone else’s moral values. A lot of time, even the villain is just a misunderstood guy trying to get by,” said Mayfield.

Mayfield artwork reinterprets famously known contemporary pop culture figures, including paintings of characters from the Marvel cinematic universe, Star Wars, and classic horror movies.

Mayfield said, “It is extremely important for Wichita Falls to have an open gallery, for people to see and experience visual art is paramount. Sometimes it is life-altering. If we as a community can show our kids art from a younger age and get them involved, I think the kids will be better, more complete individuals as they grow up. I think that even as adults, people have a very limited view and experience with art.”

Mayfield also said, he believes that when people view his artwork that they look back upon fond memories associated with the characters and smile.

Alexis Towery, art freshmen, said, “It’s important that Wichita Falls has art exhibits, simply because art can be a powerful thing for some people depending on what they feel through a specific piece. Art can be expressed in thousands of ways, and I think it can be a friendly reminder that we are all different but somehow the same.”

Mayfield’s next showing will be at the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum trade show on May 18.

Jackson Hoffman, pre-veterinarian freshmen, said, “I really enjoyed seeing all the paintings of my favorite heroes and villains. Each painting is done with such talent and unique style. It is cool to know that the artwork displayed was painted by a local teacher.”