Finals Frenzy returns May 2

While students are already preparing for finals, May 6-10, the University Programing Board hosts Finals Frenzy to help students relieve stress. Finals Frenzy will be on Thursday, May 2 from 4-10 p.m. at the Clark Student Center and Jesse Rogers Promenade.

The events will be:

4 p.m.  Pool Tournament (CSC Rec Room)

6-10 p.m. Life-size Whack-a-mole, Water slide, Laser tag, Obstacle course, Massage Therapists, Caricatures, Dog kissing booth, and Pillow fort photos

6 p.m. DIY watercolor mugs

7 p.m. DIY Stress ball

8:30 p.m. DIY Lei Craft

7-9 p.m. Car Bashing

9 p.m. Finals testing supply booth

9:30 p.m. Door prize drawing

10 p.m. Late-Night Breakfast (Mesquite Cafe)

11 p.m. Movie: Glass (Legacy Multipurpose Room)

Alaska Carrillo-Bell, pre-med junior, said, “I have attended Finals Frenzy my first year I was here and that’s when I tell you it was lame. I still enjoy it, because they give free food and we can also get free stuff.”

Carrillo-Bell said she is looking forward for the event but hopes that it’s not too cold for the water slide station.

“I like all the activities we get to do,” Carrillo-Bell said. “I heard this semester their doing a water slide and laser tag that’s up and coming that [Finals Frenzy] used to be lame.”

Carrillo-Bell said although the purpose of Finals Frenzy is to wind down from all the studying, students can get carried away and over involve themselves in the activities, leading to less study time.

Alumni adviser of Sigma Lambda Alpha Gloria Villarreal said, “There’s a lot of activities for everyone to do so it’s not just one station there’s different stations.”

Villarreal said it’s a free event and encourages students to attend even if it’s for a little while.

“Some of the cons about it would be sometimes there’s a station that runs out of something too soon,” Villarreal said.

Villarreal said Finals Frenzy helps students destress about finals and have a little fun.

Estafani Vasquez, biology freshman, said, “It’s a great way for students to hang out with each other.”

Estafani said she was looking forward for the event but can’t go this semester due to having a Chemistry lab final that day.

“In the past I went to volunteer, and it was okay,” Vasquez said. “They had a photo booth and an ice skating when I volunteered at the time. But this semester the stuff they have planned sounds awesome.”