Empowerment spring tea April 27

Pinkies Up.

As flowers begin to bloom and warm weather rises within the air, the smell of spring again appears creating opportunities for unity and growth. The office of Equity, Inclusion and Multicultural Affairs will be hosting the first annual traditional spring tea on April 27 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. to celebrate women across campus as the semester comes to an end.

What is the purpose of the spring tea?

The purpose of the spring tea is to impart empowerment among women across the campus.

Syreeta Greene, director of EIMA said, “The tea is a culminating event for us to close out the sister to sister program, which is a bi-weekly opportunity for women of color to come together and be able to discuss things that impact them. The tea will be used as an opportunity to hopefully impart some empowerment as individuals take a break for summer.”

What will students gain from the spring tea?

Greene hopes women gain meaningful relationships while becoming encouraged and motivated through the open discussions.

“I hope women recognize that there is a collection of women that look just like themselves, and that there can be some sense of sisterhood developed within the space we create,” said Greene. “I also want women to feel motivated and encouraged as they go into their last week of classes. Especially for those women who are graduating, it’s important for them to have these last positive interactions before they enter the world of work.”

Who is the event for?

The event is open to all students, but the core of the spring tea will be focused on women empowerment and the uplifting of other women.

“This event will be focused on women empowerment, uplifting lifting women and women uplifting one another. Men are invited, but they may feel a little left out or out of place,” said Greene.

What can students expect from this event?

Greene said, students who attend this event, can expect empowerment exercises, really good food and different assortments of tea. It gives all individuals the ability to dress up and self-reflect while enjoying the presence of other women.

“There will be no specific speakers for this event, but as a group we will want to push home the idea of empowerment. We will focus on ideas that will center our thoughts and connect us with one another. It’s really about self-reflection and creating a support system for all the women across the university,” said Greene.

The women perspective

Kendra Scott, psychology senior | “I am attending the spring tea because throughout the semester I was able to be open about certain things I have dealt with. I have learned from my past experiences and Dr. Greene has given powerful advice so it’s only right for me to attend the spring tea.”

Chelcie Kizart, sports and leisure senior | “I haven’t been able to attend sister to sister this year, but I want to see what the tea is about. Hopefully next semester I will be able to engage more.”

Victoria Chiles, psychology junior | “In today’s society, women need empowerment more than ever. I think it’s amazing what Dr. Greene is doing and I want to make sure I am apart of this movement.”

Jamilah Kangudja, exercise physiology junior | “I love events like this because it allows me to relax and it takes my mind off the stresses of life. I definitely am looking forward to going to the spring tea.

Anissia Jones, exercise physiology senior | “Teas are always fun to attend, I think it will be a carefree environment and I can’t wait to be in attendance.”