Sister 2 Sister concludes last meeting of the semester


Karrington Bradley

Dr. Syreeta Greene, director for the Office of Equity, Inclusion, and Multicultural Affairs, presents a measurable way of planning goals to Sister 2 Sister audience.

Sister 2 Sister had its last activity session of the semester on April 22, an activity focused on “road mapping,” or planning goals, for the summer and making a game plan to achieve these goals.

Syreeta Greene, director for the Office of Equity, Inclusion, and Multicural Affairs, said that the purpose of Sister 2 Sister is to bring together women of color and let them have a place on campus to talk about issues and concerns that will impact them.

Jemimah Walulya, business management sophomore, said, “I was reminded more than I learned. Just a reminder that being detail-oriented is important and having to actually plan out our days is so essential for a college student. It actually prevents us from procrastination and holds us accountable for our responsibilities.”

One of the tips for road mapping and obtaining that goal in a certain time limit is to do something related to achieving the goal every day.

“I’m going to take a twist on it and plan out my day and start off small,” Walulya said. “That would really help me utilize my time better.”

Out of the three students in attendance, two were new to the Sister 2 Sister meetings.

Joselin Flores, general business freshman, said, “This was my first time going to a meeting and it was pretty nice. I can tell that this is a safe space so it kind of sucks that when I finally come, it’s the last meeting until next semester.”

Walulya was also a first-time attendee.

“It was very insightful and I think it allows women to successfully plan for the future. There was a sense of welcome, even though we were small today,” Walulya said.

Greene said that in the fall semester, she plans on working to make the group more widely known around campus.

Greene said, “We definitely want to have more women in attendance, so we’ll market it better. I may change the name a little bit so that it is received to be more inclusive and just work to get more young women to help facilitate the discussions.”

The first meeting was in spring 2018 and since then the bi-weekly meetings held different topics of discussion for women to freely express themselves.

Greene said, “We’ve had conversations about intimate relationships, to current events and what’s going on in the news, to race relationships and things like that.”