Khalid drops album with Eternal pre-Sunset Drive Vibes

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free spirit

Khalid’s album cover for “Free Spirit” curtesy of

Khalid Robinson, or Khalid as he commonly is known, released his sophomore album “Free Spirit”, this past Friday. If not for its release date, “Free Spirit” would be an absolute contender for the album of the summer. Khalid collaborated with dozens of producers including Disclosure, Stargate & Murda Beatz to bring together the vision for this new album.

Khalid is even quoted as saying that he wrote a majority of the songs for ‘Free Spirit’ back when he was 17 years old and that it was truly a blessing for him to execute his new album they way he felt best and to work with some of the producers and music artists he did.

The album itself feels like a prelude to the summer time and the good times that are associated in those long summer months.  Khalid’s voice flows beautifully, and every song transition, master pieced with the unique savvy flow that Khalid is known for blossoms with the foreshadowing of greater days and times that are coming, even if they don’t seem that way.

Every time I play this album, I can’t stop listening to it until it finished like a good film. On the song “Talk”, Disclosure’s tech beat prowess mixed with Khalid’s melodious voice and great  singing help create an infectious song.

The songs “Don’t Pretend” and “Paradise” are very lo-fi chill songs that I personally look forward to playing non-stop on repeat when I study for upcoming exams as this semester comes into its final chapter.

The cool climax of the album “Outta My Head” features John Mayer in a song where Khalid sings about his passionate feelings about a girl he can’t stop thinking about, even if you are not listening to the words Khalid is saying the song sounds so amazing with the overall mood of the song being so vibrant.

Next, the song “Self,” my absolute favorite song on the album that was also released as a single produced by Hitboy, has Khalid doing a self-reflection of himself in relation to his anxieties, his fear of failing and the fact that he has succeeded so much that he feels he does not know how to handle failure.

The album ends with the calm soothing “Saturday Nights,” which serves as a kind of filler and the perfect crests scene song to an album four to 5 years in the making.

Khalid’s second studio album is available on all music platforms.