Caribbean Student Organization to hold Expressions on March 29

Music will be playing, people will be dancing, and the food will be cooking on March 29 at 7:30 p.m. in the Akin Auditorium. It’s the biggest event the Caribbean Student Organization holds this semester and is free for all students.

The CSO uses the event to help educate students learn more about the Caribbean culture.

Aldeen Isaac, accounting senior, is the cultural committee chair organizing the event.

“It’s for everyone. It’s a good opportunity to get a taste of the islands, to just experience everything from music, food and dance,” Isaac said. “We have pretty much a little bit of everything and you will be able to get all the culture in one evening.”

The event is going to be in the form of a carnival and concert with authentic Caribbean food and music. There will also be carnival performance scene that Selvin Peters, mechanical engineering junior, is a part of it and explained what Expressions means to him.

“Expressions is a way for us to showcase our cultural. It allows us to get to show our roots with everyone,” Peters said. “It’s to show the student body where we come from and our roots. We may be from different islands in the Caribbean, so we have our differences, but we also have similarities. The event will also allow us to show the uniqueness in each island especially music.”

Kerdell Cuffy, finance sophomore, is along side Isaac as a fellow cultural committee chairman and organizer of this event. She encourages people to come for the fun music, dancing and great food as well as learning about new cultures.

“The aim of the cultural committee is to educate people about Caribbean culture and spread to Caribbean culture through campus,” Cuffy said. “I think people should come because they will get to understand Caribbean culture more. There are a lot of Caribbean students up here and not a lot of people understand us. The show is going to explain to people why we are who we are because this is how we grew up to be.”