Prancettes held clinic to prepare girls for March 7 auditions


Monique Fields

Students dance to “Tempo” by Chris Brown at the Prancettes dance clinic Feb. 28 Photo by Monique Fields

With auditions approaching, the Prancettes held a clinic Feb.28 to show students what the Prancettes are all about.

“We wanted girls to come out and see what we do, because a lot of people don’t know about us,”  Camree Jones, early childhood education sophomore, said.

This event began with warm-ups and stretches to the song ‘Black Widow’ by Iggy Azalea. Afterward, dance captain and accounting sophomore, Kyla Budgewater, led across-the-floors, followed by teaching a dance combination to the song ‘Tempo’ by Chris Brown.

“I use to dance, so it was a way for me to dance without committing to a team,” Lil’e Ates psychology junior said. “Considering this is a liberal arts college, they often lack dance things, so I think it’s really good that the dance team decided to host this clinic for people on campus.”

Destiny Brown, criminal justice sophomore and former Prancette said, “It was fun getting back into technique and stuff and being around all the girls.”

With this being the first year they participated in both basketball and football season, the Prancettes hope to expand their team to approximately 16 members.

“We are really trying to expand our team. Right now we have eight girls and we want to make it bigger,” said Jones. “I was actually super happy to see how many girls came to see what we do, and a lot of the girls that came were really good.”

This clinic was a way to prepare girls looking to become a part of the Prancettes, for the audition the following week.

“It gives girls confidence that you wouldn’t have if you were to have just a regular dance tryout,” Brown said. “It gives them the chance to come out and learn different techniques, so when you do have a tryout they are more comfortable to come out.”